Lesbian Trouble

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Lesbian Trouble

It was Friday. My friend Leslie was coming to my house, with my other friend Rosa. The doorbell rang. I raced to answer it and Leslie stepped inside, with Rosa.

"Your finally here!" I cried out. Leslie ran up to me and hugged me. area rubbed against my pussy, although fully clothed, I began to get wet. Oh. And by the way, Im a lesbian. But Rosa was straight. And so was Leslie. Leslie threw her bag into a corner. I had just taken a shower, and my hair was stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv still dripping wet.

"So, ready to have some fun?!" I asked.

"Of course!" Leslie replied. Rosa mingled to the side. Leslies bikini-type top was also making me horny, since her extremely /boobs/large-boobs/">large boobs showed. Oh shit. I think she noticed me staring.

I white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie sat down and motioned for them to do the same. Rosa pulled out a bottle of Vodka and I grabbed a can of beer, the kind I knew Leslie loved. I handed it to her and she chugged it in .3 seconds. She went to fetch another carton. I slowly sipped the Vodka, savoring the last moments until I would become drunk.

Leslie was drunk after 15 minutes, and Rosa was getting a little chummy. Rosa left the room, to go to the bathroom. Too much Vodka, I thought. To my /surprise/">surprise, as soon as Rosa was out of sight, Leslie climbed on top of me and began dry humping me! I humped her back, enjoying out clothed pussies touch.

When Rosa came back, she snuggled up next to me, and purred. She reached over and fingered my boobs, and I did the same to her. Now I was very horny. Leslie stood up and started stripping. First, her bikini-top was tossed aside. Then her daisy dukes landed next to Rosa. My eyes rested on her silky black /thong/">thong.

She walked back over to me and I was also drunk, and had lost my sense of right and wrong. I rubbed her /thong/wet-thong/">wet thong and she purred enjoying it.