My first prom is also my first time

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My first prom is also my first time

It was May 1st 2003 and the prom was on May 31st. I was stuck without a date and I didnt have anyone lined up. Not really popular and all the people I wanted to ask already had dates. I was stuck, and was all ready to go stag when my dad's /girlfriend/">girlfriend suggested I take her /niece/">niece. 

The niece was 16 and very beautiful. I didnt like the idea, being 18 and taking a younger girl, I had to accept and go with her. It was all set up until a week later when she cancelled due to a cheerleading competition. 'Screwed' I thought. But again to the rescue, dad's girlfriend had another niece that lived in Toronto and would love to go to an /american/">american prom. So, I got her phone number and made all the required plans and was all set.

Around that time, the SARS problem poped up in Toronto and the school called me. They told me she couldn't come due to health concerns. They told me only a week before the prom so I was out a few hundred dollars, so to the rescue, my dad called his lawyer. The school folded when threatened and she was allowed to come. The day of the prom my dad went to pick her up. He brought her back to my house and when I got out of school early, I came home to see her. We exchanged a hug and dad left to get some food. She was laying on the floor in the living room watching t.v. and I couldn't help but look at her ass. Nice well rounded ass.

Later my family came over to take pictures. We were getting aggitated due to the amount of pictures, but we could stand it. We finally were out of the hell of the family, and I was off and driving my dad's 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche to the prom in Niagara Falls, NY. The ride there was filled with typical small talk and not much else. We got there and took a seat next to my buddies and took it easy for the time being. About 2 hours into the prom, she started rubbing my leg and crotch. We started to kiss and she put her finger on my lips and said "The fun will have to wait till later." Never being in such a position before, I got really excited and she could tell. This went on for another hour till we got out. 

I was driving home and she started taking off her dress right next to me! "You don't mind do you?" "No, not at all." I said. She put on her bra and told me she wore a B-cup to show off the cleavage. I looked and saw her 36-C tits squeezed into a B-cup bra. I got excited and she started rubbing my crotch. I put my head back on the blowjob porn videos headrest and came inside my boxers. "Damn" I said. "Don't worry about it, we have all night to mess around."

We got back to my house about midnight, and everyone was in bed. I changed out of my tux and she changed into her jeans and a tank top. I was in my usual jeans and t-shirt. We hopped into my car and I drove to a side road and pulled over. "What do you want to do know?" I said. "Well I got one idea" she replied. We started gently kissing each milf porn videos others lips and she crawled into the backseat. I followed her after moving the seats up to accomodate my size. 

We were making out in the backseat and she took off her shirt then mine. I started kissing down to her bra, and took it off with expert like skill. She was laying across me as i was sitting the seat, and I started licking and sucking her beautiful tits. She was moaning and moving all around. After a few minutes of kissing and playing with her tits, I moved my hand down to her pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, but I couldnt pull them down because she was sitting on my lap. After a minute of my futile playing with her pants, she pulled them off and said "Do whatever you want", so I took the invitation with spunk and gently put my hand into her playboy /thong/">thong and stuck my middle finger into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. Moving in and out at rapid speeds she started screaming. She had her first orgasm of the night.

After a minute to cool down, she moved off of me and sat to my right in the backseat. She took off my shirt and pulled my pants down to reveal my 7 inch penis tent in my boxers. She pulled it out and started rubbing it. Faster and faster she went until she posed the question that was on my mind all night, "Do you want a blowjob, or do you want to have sex." Being a virgin I of course said "Sex". She said ok and asked if I had a condom. Always being prepared, I pulled it out of one of my jean pockets. She took it out of the package, and put it on my package. She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was ready. "Yeah, I'm ready" I said as fast as I could.

She rolled over to me and stradled my body. She was facing me and her /tits/big-tits/">big tits were sitting in my face so I started licking them again. She took my erect penis and guided it to her wet snatch. Sitting down on me, she started slow, and started to speed up. She started to moan and scream loud enough to break my ear drums. I didnt say a word because I was loving every second of it. She was hitting her stride when she had her second orgasm. "Oh my god!" she screamed. Slowing down for a second, she caught her breath and started her speed again. 

After a few more minutes she had her third and fourth orgasms back to back. The screaming was the loudest sound I have ever heard. She asked if I had cum yet and I said no. It was about 15 minutes into it and she was amazed that a virgin could last so long. She started again and sped up to a blistering speed. After a few seconds she said "I'm gonna cum bigtime!" I was amazed. I didn't think that I could do that to her. She finally came all over my crotch. It was everywhere, the backseat was soaked in her juices.

She rolled off and asked if I had cum yet because she was really tired. I said no, and I could tell this pissed her off, so she said "Well, I guess your gonna get a blowjob too." She tore off the condom and went to town on my dick. She sucked like a vacuum cleaner. After about 5 minutes I moaned and blew my load right into her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing and licked my dick clean. 

She sat up and we both got dressed and I started driving home. "Not too /bad/">bad for a first timer, a half hour" she said. "Is that good?" "Thats amazing for a virgin Bill. So did you have a nice prom?" "Because of you, it's a night I'll never forget." We got home kissed and laid in bed together. She went home the next day, and I was happy I got laid. Best prom ever.