The Office part 1

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The Office part 1

’"So what do you think of our facilities?" Jim asked Amy and Becky. Jim, a well dressed 27 year old executive, had just finished giving Amy and Becky, two /college/">college age girls who just so happened to be /twins/">twins looking to intern at his company, a tour.
"This seems like a nice firm," Amy said, twirling her blond hair around her well manicured finger.
"The people are nice," Becky said, duplicating the move.
"The food in the cafeteria isn't half /bad/">bad," said Amy.
"And we would really learn a lot," said Becky.
"I've got to say that Hartford and Cox really grows on you," Jim said, straitening his tie. "I started out here as an intern three years ago and stayed on after I got my degree."
"You've been such a great tour guide," Amy complimented.
"How can we ever repay you for giving us such a great tour?" Becky asked, licking her lips.
"Well," Jim said, clearing his throat, "there is one thing."
"What?" Amy asked.
"I don't want to offend you two," Jim said with a blush.
"What do you want?" Becky asked with a quizzical look on her face.
"We would like to return the favor," Amy offered.
"Well, I've always wanted to see a set of twins kiss," Jim blushed further. "I guess you can call it a morbid curiosity."
"Actually you're not the first guy to ask us that," Becky said.
"I'm not?" Jim asked surprised.
"Nope," said Amy.
"There was one time we were both dating this one guy, and he decided he wanted to get freaky with both of us," Becky replied.
"So one day we gave him a birthday present he would never forget," Amy giggled.
Jim asked, "Really? What's that?"
"We let ourselves into his apartment one morning," Becky started.
"Then we snuck into his bedroom and woke him up slowly with some kisses all over his body," Amy finished.
"Kisses?!" Becky exclaimed. "Amy was sucking his cock so hard I thought that he would come before he could even wake up!"
"Oh shut up! You know you liked watching it; you started fingering yourself," Amy replied.
"So, anyway," Becky said, turning her attention back to Jim. "You wanted to see us kiss?"
"How much did you want to see?" asked Amy. "A peck?" The sisters leaned forward and kissed eachother gently on the lips. "Or something a little deeper?" The two started using tongue, nibbling on eachothers' lips. Amy's hand started massaging Becky's breast while Becky moved her hand to Amy's ass.
Becky looked over and saw Jim touching himself through his pants. "It looks like someone wants to join us."
"Would you like to join us in this kiss?" Amy offered. "We are getting so horny."
"I think that I would enjoy that," Jim said, joining the girls. His hand covered Amy's and helped massage Becky's breast while his other hand found its way between Amy's legs.
The three of them lavished kisses on each other, fondling each other. Becky dropped to her knees and bokep sma pecah perawan unzipped Jim's pants. She pulled out his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and started to suck it. Her soft lips sliding up and down the sides, she teased the cock. Finally she worked it deep into her throat. If she had been any less practiced, she would have gagged on its girth. Amy opened her blouse, and Jim burried his head in her tits, sucking on her nipples and licking her cleavage. Amy's nipples became incredibly erect, and she trembled at his touch. Amy lifted his head and kissed his mouth while Becky finishd pulling down his pants and lifted her skirt, leaning over onto the couch. Jim plunged his cock, slick from her saliva, into her waiting pussy. Amy climbed onto the couch, her skirt lifted, and Becky started licking her pussy. Becky writhed as Jim's hard cock slammed into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, over and over. Amy squeeled as her clit throbbed, her /sister/">sister's tongue in her pussy.
"Amy, I want you to ride my cock; Becky, you can sit on my face," Jim old waman xxxgx demanded. "I want to see if you twins are the same in every way."
"Oh yeah," Amy moaned, as she slid Jim's /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock into her pussy. She rocked back and forth, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. She bounced up and down, forcing the cock deeper and deeper.
Her sister was having a grand time, coming all over Jim's face. "Oh god, oh god!" Becky repeated as Jim's tongue probed her pussy, sliding along her clit.
"There is one difference between my sister and I sexually," Amy gasped.
"What's that?" Jim asked, and let out a groan as Amy lifted up and plunged his cock deep into her pussy.
"I like to take it in the ass," Amy proclaimed, in between squeals of ecstacy.
"That can be arranged," Jim offered.
Jim helped Amy pull his long, sensitive cock from her dripping pussy and guided it into her waiting ass. Amy slid slowly up and down, up and down the hard cock. Screams of delight took her. Breathing heavily, Jim licked faster at Becky's pussy until she screamed and came in his face. Amy continued slamming Jim's cock into her ass, faster and faster until she also came. "Oooooh," she moaned, as she slipped Jim's hot cock out of her ass.
Both twins gathered around Jim's cocked and pumped it until he came all over there waiting faces.