Boyfriends Mate

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Boyfriends Mate

Amy and her new boyfriend were at a bar talking when Toby, a mate of Bens (boyfriend) turned up with a couple of guys and started to play pool. Ben and her went over and said hi and soon all of the lads were caught up in a little tournament. They were all nice guys but Amy couldnt keep her eyes off of Toby, he had a great body and he was one of these tall dark and handsome types. Amy went off to the loo which was round the back and redid her make-up. As she was coming out she wasnt looking and walked straight into Toby dropping her handbag spilling everything. 

"Oh sorry" Ben said bending over to help pick up her stuff, while picking up the stuff Amy was so close to him that she could smell him and god he smelt good. He had a shirt on and as he bent over it came away from his body and she saw he had a great body. Once everything was back in the bag Amy tripped as she stood up but Toby caught her and pulled her upright.

"I think someones a bit drunk" he said as she held on to him. "No Im not" she replied breathlessly and with that she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him grinding her body against his. It didnt take him long to put his arms round her and slide his hand down her skirt. She pushed him into the ladies loo and into a cubicle where she made him sit alain lyle porn on the loo. 

She locked the door and turned to look at him, he was staring right at her, she knew she made a sexy sight in her low cut top and short black skirt. He stood up and kissed her again this time feeling her tits. Her hands virtually ripped off his trousers and boxers as he took off her top and licked her nipples sending waves of pleasure through her. Her hand grabbed his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and started to slowly wank him as he undid the clasp at the back making her skirt fall to the floor leaving her in just her heels and a black /thong/">thong. Amy got to her knees and took his swollen head in her mouth making him gasp. 

She used her tongue to great effect as she slid to and fro on his shaft, his hands held on to the back of her head as he started to slide in and out of her mouth, she kept still and covered his cock in saliva as he pumped into her warm mouth. She made him pull out and she found her bag and slipped a condom over his cock. He sat on the loo as she positioned herself over his rod and slowly lowered herself on to it. She gasped as it entered her and Toby held her ass and grinded his entire length into her making her orgasm straight away. She indian santali xvideo met his thrusts by bouncing up and down. She felt a sudden painrealizing her thong was still on and had just been pushed aside but it was digging into her leg. 

She stood up and took it off, Toby immediately stood up and grabbing her ass pulled her in close so his dick entered her, she put her arms round him and kissed him as she raised her legs and put them round him making him support them both. They kissed as Amy clenched and unclenched her muscles milking his cock but soon he could tell she wanted a orgasm so he moved her so she was pushed against a wall and still holding her ass began to pump into her. 

Her nails dug into his back as he rammed inside her, he was slamming into her so hard that the plastic cubicle wall began to shake and make noises, soon Amy was cumming and her juices flowed out and with the juices her pussy muscles tightened aroundTobys cock and with one final thrust he blew his load into the condom.

They both got cleaned up and went back into the bar where Ben was still playing pool, Amy sat back down without him noticing while Toby got a round of drinks in. Ben hadnt even noticed theyd been gone for half an hour.