The Service Assignment II

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The Service Assignment II


Hi! I am back. Remember my last sexual exploit with a customer who had called me to service her equipment? I back with some more of my experience to share.

Yesterday, my last customer Priya called me up and told me to expect a call from one of her friends, Shama. Today morning, as good as her word, Shama called up and logged in a complaint for her washing machine. I informed her that I would be around by 3.30pm and she Okayed it.

After finishing off my other jobs on the list, I started of to Shama?s house at around 3.15pm. I reached her house on the dot. It was a big apartment cluster and I walked into the wing where Shama lives. I rang the doorbell and she came to open the door almost immediately.

She smiled at me as I went inside and gave me her hand to shake; I introduced myself, ?I am Dilip.? She said, ?I know, Dilip. Priya told me all about you.? I was eyeing her all the time we were talking. She was a married girl. She was around 23 years and 5? 2? tall. Her shiny black hair were curled up to her shoulder, smoldering black eyes, full lips, big round breasts and /cute/">cute /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass which simply demanded fucking (I hoped that her pussy was tight too). Her figure was hidden by a flimsy loose nightgown. I wondered if Priya and her friends always spent their time in night wear.

I asked, ?your husband?? she laughed and replied, ?he is out of town.? I grinned, wow! The girls sure did things planned. She led me to her bathroom where the washing machine was installed. The corridor to the bathroom was lit only by light shining out from her bedroom. The light made her sexy figure silhouette inside the nightgown. The bathroom was neat and clean.

I switched on the power to the machine and tried to detect the fault area. She stood out in the corridor. I was distracted by the silhouette of her nice body inside that nightgown of hers. But make it I did and the problem was solved. I declared, ?it?s done. Now you can easily use the machine for another two years.? She said, ?wait a moment, let?s test it first.? And she took off her nightgown in front of me. My eyes popped out of their sockets at the sight of her naked body. It was sizzling hot. Her skin looked velvety. She came close to me and playfully dropped the nightgown in the machine and bent to turn on the tap giving me the benefit of a complete view of her back. I was fully erect now; she deliberated in putting in the detergent and said at length, ?there! It?s nearly done. Let it soak for some time. I think now there is a defect in your system which requires my attention.? She winked at me with a mischievous grin. I grinned and nodded in agreement. She came even closer and pulled my t-shirt out. Then she loosened the belt on my pants and opened up my pants also. It slid down and then off came my /underwear/">underwear. She purposefully put my apparel in the washing machine too. Then she fisted my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock as we kissed. My hands found their way to her breasts and pussy. Her pussy was dripping with /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum and her breasts felt spongy. I licked her erect nipples and bit them hard. She bade, ?bite them harder. Scar them with your teeth. Oh, yeah! This feels so nice.? The middle finger of my hand rubbing her pussy found its way into her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy.

The inner walls were hot and well lubricated with her cum as I finger-fucked her. My cock was hard in her fist and she was stroking it slowly till now. She kissed my bare chest and knelt till her mouth was on level with my cock. Her hot full lips wrapped around my cock and she licked and sucked my cock at the same time. I fondled her hair and cheek while she was at it. I was ready to blow my load in her mouth, I warned her but she paid no heed and I came in her mouth. She sucked my cock dry after gulping down my cum.

She licked her lips as she looked up at me and smiled. I picked her up and set her on the bathroom counter to get a better view of her pussy. It looked real hot and tight. I asked her, ?did your husband open you up or are you still waiting to be opened up?? she laughed, ?I have been opened up since I was 16 and have kept my pussy toned to be tight and hot. So go ahead and eat it to your heart?s content.? I grinned and ate up her cunt. She made a lot of noise all the time and it made me lick her all the more vigorously. She gave an awful cry as she came and I licked up her musky juice completely. She set the machine on the wash mode, set the timer and started it to begin the wash, while I was given a treat of her full figure as I watched her do so. I pulled her from the machine as soon as she had done it, I had a full hard on again and was simply waiting to get inside her /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt. I picked her in my arms and took her to her room. She put her arms around my neck as I carried her and pulled me in for a kiss as I laid her on the bed.

I broke from her grip after our kiss and kissed her entire body, her thighs, her ass, her pussy, her belly, her breasts, her neck, her armpits and playing with her sexy assets all the time. I put my lips to kiss her as I pushed my cock inside her. Her teeth nearly clamped my tongue exploring her mouth as I seared forcefully inside her dripping wet and tight cunt. I waited till her pain subsided. Then I started a deeper exploration of her cunt and her moans of passion turned on the heat inside me even more. I rammed my porn videos download cock in and out of her and fucked her viciously.

It was at this time that when my cock pulled out of her, she gave a near scream of delight, hugging my neck close to her soft breasts as she came hard. I waited a moment as we heard a peculiar sound from the bathroom. It was the beep from the machine to intimate that the washing was done. She got up and was about to leave to set the rinse action on the machine, as I was not satisfied fully, I pulled her back and impaled her tight ass on my cock. She exclaimed, ?what are you doing? Even my previous lovers haven?t done it.? I said, ?I am breaking your ass in dear (main tumhari gaand maar raha hun).? The hole was real tight and she was right that none of her lovers had explored her ass. I grabbed her breasts and she balanced her body by wrapping her left arm around my neck and over the shoulder, her right hand gripping the bed?s headboard and her legs resting on my thighs as my cock pierced her tight ass. I kept /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass, her breasts pressing and jiggling against my body. She screamed as I had her on fully and she orgasmed within no time. I blew my load inside her ass and filled it up with my cream. We kissed as I slid my cock out and made her sit on my lap. She held my cock in her right hand, her left hand still around my neck as we kissed, she started stroking it again, her touch was hot due to the grip she had used on the bed.

I let her get down as she walked to the bathroom. Her walk had wavy and seductive gait. I followed her to the bathroom again got a nice view of her sexy back as she turned the machine on to dry out the clothes. My cum flowing out of her ass was enough of an urge to me to grab her waist and enter her again, her hands resting against the machine as I entered her. I fucked both her pussy and her ass and came in her ass again. she looked over her shoulder and we kissed with my cock still inside her ass and my hands wrapped around her to cup her hot breasts. I squeezed them as I kissed her.

Her husband called and asked her whereabouts. She picked up the phone located near the sofa and told him that she was home and had called in a service engineer to repair the washing machine. He disconnected and I put her on her sofa and entered her pussy again. I had got another /erection/">erection as I was sucking and biting with her soft breasts all the time she was talking xxx on the phone. She said as I entered her, ?that was very naughty of you, Dilip. What if I had made some kind of a noise which would have been impossible for me to explain to him?? I grinned mischievously and fucked her pussy with fierce yet gentle strokes that made her squirm under me. I made her orgasm twice on my cock before I lost control into her and climaxed inside her.

I helped her stretch the clothes out for complete drying. Our bare bodies rubbing along and we were gripped by another fire of lust and I stretched her pussy again on my cock.

I finally got up to get back home, when she said, ?Dilip, why don?t you stay back for the night and make it hot for me. I have been craving for sex since long and today my adventures with have made me wild.? I pondered and nodded in agreement, I put in a call to my senior and informed him, making my voice heavy by pinching my nose, that I was not feeling well and had returned to my home. I had completed all the jobs and would make a report in the morning. He approved and I disconnected the call.

That night we went wild on her bed and I had finally service her ass thrice and pussy five times by the time morning came all the time creaming inside her. I was sore all over the body, my lips sore with kissing and sucking, my tongue sore with licking, my body sore where she had gripped me, my back scarred by her fingernails when I had been fiercely giving pleasure inside her, my cock was sore due to her tightness of mouth, /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy. I bet her body would be sore too. I got to play with her breasts and she sucked my cream from my cock once again before I left her.

Whew! My fate played out well the day I satisfied Priya and had another satisfied customer Shama in my pocket due to my art of loving her.