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100% fiction!

It was the summer I turned 18. My Uncle Tim decided to come out to the family and announced that he was leaving my Aunt because he was gay and he didn't want to hide his sexuality any longer. We were always a very close family, and lived just two blocks away from each other.

Growing up, I did not have a father figure in my life, so I spent most of my weekends at my Uncles house, hanging out doing guy stuff. We were all shocked, no one ever suspected that he had been keeping this huge secret from all of us. Most of our family members turned their backs on him, and talked about how he humilated the family. I couldn't do that to him, I loved him as a father. I continued to visit just as always, but noticed a change in him right away. He seemed more comfortable and social in his new lifestyle. Every time I would go over to his house, he would have his boyfriend over and they were openly homosexual. They would kiss and touch each other like there was nothing wrong or dirty about their actions. It became normal for me to see two men together and I accepted his boyfriend into our family just as I would if he would have had a woman come into his life.

One Friday night my uncle was working late and his boyfriend, Erick and I were hanging out waiting for him to come home. Somehow we started talking about porn and what kind of movies we liked the best. As a young 18 year old man, I was all about /tits/tits-ass/big-tits-and-asses/">big tits and asses and loved watching /women/">women get a faceful of hot cum. Erick argued that if you wanted to see /hardcore/hardcore-porn/">hardcore porn, that /gay/gay-porn/">gay porn was the only way to go. After we argued back and forth for about an hour, I finally told him to prove his point and throw on his favorite scene so I could be the judge.

Erick put in a DVD called "Throbbing Cocks" and I remember laughing at the cover of a muscular guy, naked holding his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick in his hand as another guy bent over in front of him. As the movie started, instantly I saw two /kissing/men-kissing/">men kissing and stroking each others cocks. Quickly it moved to them sucking each other off and talking about feeling dicks going into their ass. My eyes were glued to the T.V. I heard Erick say:

"I told you that you would love it."He told me to keep watching.

I had never seen two /fucking/men-fucking/">men fucking each other before and I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants, full hd xvideo download it was so intense. I wanted to see more.

Laughing nervously, I asked Erick "So what there are no facials in this movie?"

Just as I spoke, the guy fucking pulled his dick out of the hole he was abusing and blew the biggest load I had ever seen all over the other guys face and mouth.

I had to admit, I was very turned on by that and Erick could tell. I stood up, and when I saw that Erick's eyes were fixated on my crotch, I looked down and saw that my dick was still rock hard.

Erick handed me the DVD case and said "Here take this one home with you, but this is our secret - don't tell your Uncle I was the one that turned you onto gay porn."

After I went home that night, I locked myself in my bedroom and put on the DVD. I felt excited, dirty and wrong but I knew that I enjoyed watching it because I couldn't get it off my mind. The thought of how they enjoyed each other's strong bodies made me start fantasizing about having my own experience and what it would feel like to kiss and touch another guy.

A couple of weeks later, I was still secretly watching and jerking off nightly to Erick's porn. I knew that night he would be home alone so I dropped by to talk about my new-found sexual cravings with him. I had to talk to somebody that would understand.

Erick listened as I told him how I was confused by my sudden attraction and during our conversation I told him that I found myself wondering what it would be like to have another man touch me.

Erick put his hand on my thigh and told me to close my eyes. Reluctantly, I complied and could feel his hand as it moved higher. I felt my dick tingle with excitement and anticpation. I couldn't wait to feel his hand wrapped around me. What took ten seconds felt like an hour. I finally felt his hand carrassing me until I was rock hard.

As I opened my eyes, Erick whispered to me "Would you like to go further?"

Without even thinking, I nodded my head and said yes. Next thing I knew, we were kissing and his tongue was entering my mouth. I found myself so turned on and that I was willing to do anything to keep going deeper and deeper into my first gay experience. Knowing that I was not going to let this end with just a kiss and a touch I started letting myself go and returned his advances. I kissed him back and told him I wanted more. Erick whispered to me as he was unbuttoning my pants he told me "this can only happen this one time, understand?"

Before I could respond, I felt his warm mouth swollowing me whole. As I looked down, I became more aroused to see a man between my legs then I ever had experienced with any sexual encounters with a girl. I tilted my head back and watched intensely as he gave me pleasure. A few minutes later I told Erick to take his pants off, and that I wanted to taste him. I watched him as he pulled out his 9in, thick, throbbing tool. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to take him into my mouth. As I was pleasuring him, I kept visualizing our gay porn scene and how they fucked until the guy exploded on the other guys face.

I looked up at Erick and told him that I wanted to touch my dick to his ass to see how it felt. Erick leaned back and raised his legs in the air, exposing a wet juicy hole. I moved in closer and shivered as I felt the tip of my /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard against his warm body. I pressed gently in and felt myself penetrating my first man ass. free porn movies download It didn't take long before I was deep inside him, pumping back and forth slowly. Erick moaned in ectasy as he grabbed my ass to pull me in harder and begged for me to go faster and faster. We kissed passionately as I did just what he asked. I fucked him with everything I had until I felt the cum building up. I told Erick that I was ready to explode and he ordered me to pull out. He wanted to taste my juices and knelt down in front of me with his mouth wide open waiting for me to finish. Seeing him in front of me waiting with excitement, the build up to my orgasim was so intense, I couldn't hold it back any longer. The moment came and I moaned loudly as I shot my hot load all over his face and filled his awaiting mouth. I had experienced complete desire to be with another man and it was better then I had ever imagined. We layed there for a moment talking about my /first-time/">first time. Erick asked me if it was everything that I had hoped it would be.

"Better" I replyed. "I just wish that we could have enjoyed each other more then just once."

Later that night while laying in bed, I received a text message from Erick. I opened the message and it read "I love your uncle, I am older then you, but if we can keep our affair quiet, then I can't wait until my turn to enter you next time" Immediately I couldn't wait until we could be alone again.